Below are some of my recent projects.

Click on more_vert icon or the images for details. ^1000 Click 'View Code' to go to the projects' Github repository. ^1000 You can also go to the live project by clicking 'Link to Project'. ^1000 Enjoy!

Unbeatable TicTacToemore_vert
Made with mostly Javascript, some HTML and CSS.close

Includes a recursive function that makes it impossible to win against the AI.

Vue.js To-do Appmore_vert
Tools used: Vue.js, Animate.css, Sass(scss).close

My first project using Vue.js framework, added animation using Animate.CSS, styled with SCSS.

Portfolio Site(v5.0)more_vert

Site is made using standard HTML 5/CSS 3, ES6, MaterializeCSS, and Particles.js. Firebase database connected to contact form.

$tracker App(Angular)more_vert
Angular6, Bootstrap 4, hosted on Firebase.close

A winning project made for a code challenge at Geekwise, July 2018.

ES6 To-do Appmore_vert
ES6 DOM Manipulation, Bootstrapclose

Just a simple app made with ES6, Bootstrap, HTML/CSS.

Mock Restaurant Sitemore_vert
Simple site with no back-end, pure HTML/CSS.close

In-class project.