photo of Connie Lai

Who is Connie?

I was a student at Geekwise Academy located in Fresno, California. I completed their Websites for Beginners(HTML/CSS), Mobile-Friendly Websites(Bootstrap), Javascript, Angular and no-instructor courses.

I obtained B.Sc. in biology from UCR in May 2017. Worked as a lab assistant at University of California agricultural research center for a year after college.

I decided to give coding a try and found making websites and apps so fun that I cannot stop. I am self-motivated and I love learning.

    What I do in my free time:
  • Listen to music.
  • Draw(digital and traditional art).
  • Travel and learn foreign languages.
  • Hang out with my pet geckos, and family.
  • Work on some small personal coding projects, learn new technologies.

Tools I Use: