photo of Connie Lai

My story...

Having a biology background, I worked as an agricultural laboratory assistant for University of California after college graduation. While working full-time at that role, I assisted with biocontrol research, where I collected field data, maintained some insect colonies, and drove around California for experiental releases.

I found my passion in coding when I was still working at my previous role. I decided to take some web development classes locally at Bitwise Industries(Geekwise Academy), Fresno, CA. That is where I built my first real websites, made them responsive with Bootstrap, and interactive using JavaScript. During my time there, I got exposed to my first JS framework, Angular 6.

Currently, I have built websites and full-stack JavaScript applications using the following technologies:

My Tech Stack
  • The "Standard": HTML, CSS(Sass), ES6 JavaScript, Bootstrap(and similar CSS libraries)
  • Front-end: Mostly React, have tried Vue.js out too.
  • Server: NodeJS(ExpressJS)
  • Databases:
    • NoSQL: MongoDB(mongoose), Firebase
    • SQL: PostgresQL
  • Others:
    • Version control: Git & Github
    • Authentication: OAuth/PassportJS, Firebase Auth
    • DevOps: Amazon Web Services(EC2,S3, Elastic Beanstalk, RDS, etc.), TravisCI

  • Listen to classical music & play violin.
  • Draw(digital and traditional art).
  • Travel and learn foreign languages(and programming languages).
  • Observe my pet geckos.
  • Pingpong, swimming, badminton.
  • Work on some small personal coding projects & learn something new.
  • If you haven't figured it out, my favorite animals as a child are lions. My favorite Disney movie? Well... Also, I felt asleep during The Lion King Broadway when I was younger.